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  • Distribution and Availability

    Where will my book be available?
    Your book will be listed in the Books in Print® database and will be available directly through Palibrio and through the Ingram and Baker & Taylor distribution networks.

    All Palibrio black & white published books (except those published with the Esencial service) will be listed on All Palibrio full-color published books will be available directly through Palibrio and will be listed in the Books in Print® database. Palibrio full-color paperbacks and black & white books published with the Esencial service can get the same distribution with the Channel Availability add-on service.

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    Will my book be placed on bookstore shelves?
    In the current bookselling climate, it is difficult to place any books on bookstore shelves. This is an industry-wide statement, but applies to print-on-demand books in a particular way. Most booksellers order most of their titles on consignment, meaning that they will pay the wholesaler within 90 days after they SELL the book (the wholesaler in turn then pays the publishing company). If a book does not sell, they can return the book to the publisher at any time, in any condition. Books spend between 6 weeks and 6 months on bookstore shelves before they are returned.

    The Palibrio Bookstore Returnability Program enables bookstores to purchase titles from Palibrio on a returnable basis, and has leveled the playing field for self-published authors. Even with the added attractiveness of a returnable title, the one to approach and convince the bookstores to stock and display copies of your book remains heavily on you as the author.

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    Do traditional retail outlets like B&N know about you, and do they order from you? Do you pursue sales with them?
    Traditional retail outlets are very familiar with Palibrio and how to order books from us. With the addition of the Bookstore Returnability Program it is easier now than ever before for traditional outlets to order and stock Palibrio titles. Even without the program, some bookstores will still fulfill special orders for people who order the book through them.

    We do not actively pursue marketing and sales with bookstores - marketing and promotion predominantly rest on you as the author-publisher, with assistance from our team of marketing professionals. If a bookstore wishes to order a Palibrio book, they can. About one third of our orders currently come from traditional bookstores.

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    What distributors do you use?
    Palibrio uses Ingram Distribution, which is the largest book distributor in the United States, and Baker and Taylor.

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    Do people have to buy my book on the Internet?
    No. Readers can purchase Palibrio books by telephone at 1-877-407-5847 in the US, 01-800-288-2243 in Mexico, at 1-812-671-9757 outside of the US, fax at 812-355-1576, email atventas@palibrio.comor mail to:

    1663 Liberty Drive
    Bloomington, IN 47403

    You can also order copies of your book at your local bookstore by approaching the customer service counter.

    How many copies does the average Palibrio book sell?
    How well a book sells is heavily dependent on what your goals are as an author, and how actively you choose to promote your book. Some of our authors are very visible, talking on the radio, organizing book signings, and reaching and exceeding their sales goals by selling tens of thousands of books. At the other end of the spectrum, we have some authors that have only sold a handful of copies, mostly to friends and family, because that's all they wanted to sell.

    We are continually introducing marketing and publicity services to help Palibrio authors achieve their personal selling goal. How well your book sells is entirely up to you.

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    I already have printed copies of my book. Will Palibrio sell them for me?
    Palibrio maintains an exclusively digital inventory of books; because of this we do not manage inventories of previously printed books.

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    When will information about my book appear in Ingram Book Company's database?
    This registration process can take up to 30 to 60 days.

    Lightning Source, Inc. is the print-on-demand facility of Ingram Book Company. After your book has completed the publication process and is approved for sale, the printing files for your book are transmitted to Lightning Source, where your title is further prepared for distribution. Your file is stored, and the title information, annotations, and other pertinent information are registered in their database, iPage. Almost all independent bookstores, libraries, and online booksellers subscribe to iPage. When orders come in via iPage, it takes 1 to 2 business days for paperbacks and 2 to 3 business days for hardbacks, to be printed and bound.

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    Can libraries order my book?
    Of course. Libraries can order your book directly from Palibrio and receive the bookseller discount by contacting, or by calling +1-877-407-5847.

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    Will the Palibrio and Lightning Source partnership affect my royalty accounting?
    While readers and booksellers may now get your book more quickly there is a downside to working with these distributors. The reporting of your book sales through these channels will take longer than usual. These distributors release their sales reports to us just as they do for traditional publishers and that can result in a reporting delay of two to three months. So, while you may sell more books through the distributors, you won't see the results reflected right away in your royalties statement.

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