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An objective review is essential to boost the credibility of a book. But for self-published authors, this has proven to be an arduous task since mainstream media has mostly shut them out of the review process.

This is where BlueInk Review comes in—the first service solely devoted to reviewing self-published books at a reasonable price. Founded by two book publishing pros, an internationally known literary agent and award-winning former book review editor, it offers what self-publishers have long been missing: honest and objective reviews written by well-respected critics.

How does it work?

You will receive a book review both in English and Spanish, which will be sent to you as a PDF document via e-mail. You will have the choice to either excerpt the review or reprint it in whole as part of any promotional campaign whether print or online.

The review is then posted on the BlueInk (English) and TintaAzul Libros (Spanish) websites, which the company actively promotes along with its services to agents, publishers, librarians, booksellers, and readers to help your book gain wider exposure. You can choose not to include the review on the website by replying within 14 business days upon receiving the review.

What do you get with this service?

  • Basic Professional Review in Spanish and English
  • Press Release Essential to 1000 Media Outlets
  • Optional exposure of review on BlueInk and TintaAzul Libros websites

*This service includes a cover revision option for authors to include the blurb of the review on the cover.


Please click on the links below to view our samples.

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About BlueInk Review

BlueInk Review is the premier source for book reviews for self-publishing authors. Founded in 2010, it has since reviewed more than 6,000 titles and has become one of the go-to sites for book reviews. It has over 60,000 unique site visitors as of 2017.

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