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Palibrio Publishing Services

Publishing Services

Realize your literary dreams. Palibrio provides you distinct publishing packages and services to make your experience enjoyable, affordable and fast. Gone are the days when publication was the reality of an exalted few. More than 1 million books were published in 2009. Over 70% of these new titles came from self published authors. Select the Palibrio Publishing Package that best suits your needs and be a part of the "Indie Publishing Revolution" today!

Spread the Love of Books

On April 23, we pay tribute to the things that are filled with wisdom, those that transport us to different worlds, and those that fill us with a thousand emotions: books. Here at Palibrio, we pay homage to books not just by designating a day to celebrate them, but also by sharing them—more so when we create and publish new books. So share your story through Palibrio, and celebrate not just the world’s books, but also your own.

Book Exhibit - Liber International Book Fair 2014
Marketing and Other Services

Writers like you know the importance of having a book that is free of errors when it gets to the hands of discerning readers.

That's why here at Palibrio, we offer professional editorial services that help ensure your book is of top quality. Our team of experienced editors will work to polish your manuscript so that your readers have a smooth-sailing read.


An Author Solutions Company, More than 100,000 Published Titles

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Book Exhibit - Guadalajara Book Fair 2014

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